Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekends in Photos: So Random!

I didn't take a lot photos this weekend. That's because I spent most of it in bed. Pretty much all day Saturday. Reading, napping, reading, napping. It does the body and soul good! So on Sunday, I forced myself out of bed, and we took the kids to grab some dim sum in the San Gabriel Valley. For you non-SoCal folks, it's an area in LA with amazing Asian restaurants. Did I say amazing? Yeah. I don't eat Chinese or Vietnamese food outside of that area. Really.

I had to bribe the kids with boba to get them to not do Calvin faces for this shot.

Later on, the little and I headed out to take some practice shots. I've been trying forever to take good panning photos, and it's a real hit or miss. A good friend of mine, who's race car photographer, was kind enough to explain it to me. It sounded simple enough... But it's not. So I did more googling, and found this article. The author suggests to practice by swinging a kid and turning with the kid. Well, my smallest kid is NOT small, so swinging him was out. But I did get him to hold my free hand, and we spun together, resulting in this photo, which I love! I love how his hair is taking flight, how happy he looks, how the background is swirling around him. Love this frozen moment of happiness. I need more practice.

We also have a new family member: Billy, the pacman frog. He's not the cutest critter around, but I'm beginning to warm up to him. I tried to pet him today. He tried to bite my finger. I guess we are not friends yet.


Bridgette April 2, 2012 at 11:53 AM  

CK wants to come live at your house because you allow frogs. but a pacman frog? looks cute but they aren't nice. i don't think he'll never NOT try to eat your finger. ;)

{sigh} I'm going to come visit you one day. and we'll stuff ourselves with Vietnamese food. mmmmmmmm.

Cindy April 3, 2012 at 5:17 PM  

love frogs! how fun! love the photos of the boys. they are getting so big. i'm gonna have to read up on that article!

JennO April 25, 2012 at 2:50 PM  

Hmmm. Apparently I've not been very good about keeping up on blogs--or you're suddenly a prolific blogger. LOL

LOVE the panned shot and well...I adore frogs. Your photos are gorgeous from what I can see as I scroll down.

Off to peruse and comment some more. Blogger will probably think I'm a spammer. Heh!!

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