Friday, October 29, 2010

Bring It On, Halloween!

This was my day.

Parade #1 for Preschool Monkey.

 Followed by cafe au soy break with the Mr.

Followed by parade #2 for Charlie Brown Ghost (Preschool Monkey called it a Swiss Cheese Ghost.)

And now I'm home hanging out with the Preschool Monkey again.
Not a bad way to end the week. Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween. (We are hoping for a visit from the Great Pumpkin!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend in Photos: The Baltimore Edition

Every six months or so,  I'm lucky enough to get together with a few of my scrappy friends. On a day-to-day basis, we tweet, call, email, and visit each other's blogs, but there is nothing like a real life visit to reconnect. This time, it was Keisha and Cindy and me. I love these gals. We just get each other.

We met in Baltimore where: we talked a lot (loudly); we laughed a lot (even more loudly); we walked a lot (while talking and laughing loudly); and we ate lots of amazing food (but hey, we walked it off!)

In conclusion: fun was had by all!

Cindy's posing!
They didn't trust me to do my share of the paddling. Sheesh!
Love this shot of color in the edge of the sidewalk.
When we saw this, we said, "If only Kelly was here. She'd eat one."
Wondering if this was a public restroom?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Talking About Food

Something I like a lot: food. I'm writing about quiche today at the Mosh Posh blog.

This quiche in particular. Broccoli, peas, and pesto. Yum.

Monday, October 18, 2010

WIP: The Onion Ring Edition

The Perky Earrings:
The Angry Eyebrows:
The Mod Eyeglasses:
The Gunslinger Stache:
Nuff said.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mosh Posh October And A Winner!

Ayi. I feel like October is rushing past me. And I haven't even figured out what costumes to make my kids. Must not wait til the week before. I'm a major procrastinator.

Moving on to more pleasant chat. Mosh Posh layouts!

This one was really simple to put together. I printed all the photos and the journaling on matte photo paper, then adhered the patterned paper and letter stickers, and proceed to sew around the photos. In a moment of late night lunacy, I added french knots to the little flowers.
And once I started handstitching, I wanted to do so in every page. Alas, I ran out time, because I had to clean the house before my parents arrived. (Please note the impish boy with his old hairdo.)
The holes on the corners of this layout were punched with the Fiskars In Stitches edge punch. I so love that thing.
This is the layout I wanted to handstitch on, but ran out of time! Maybe stars randomly placed. I might go back and do that. The stars were cut with PaperTreyInk's die shapes. My first die purchase from them, and it did not disappoint. (They were also embossed with a Quickutz die.)

Onto the good stuff. We have a winner!

And #11 is Lorena. 

Lorena said...Ooohh, such a fan of Jennifer McGuire too! And the rain has finally stopped here too, I thought for sure it would have been 40 days and 40 nights soon! I do hope randomness comes my direction!

Lorena, randomness did come your way! Yeah! Congrats. Email me your info by using the email button to the left, and I'll get that issue shipped to you.

Now off to figure out costumes.

Linda out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend in Photos: The Hair Edition

My parents were here. Visiting from afar. We did stuff. But what really defined this weekend was this:

See that missing chunk of hair in front? Just to refresh your memories, this is what his hair used to look like:
I tried to save his cute little cut,  but alas it needed professional help. And now we have this:
There he is. Looking angelic, smiling at Nai-Nai, like nothing happened. Personally, I think he still looks pretty darn cute. But not quite like a little boy anymore. He's happy because he thinks he looks like Matt Bellamy. Is that a good thing?

ps: there is still time to enter and win Creating Keepsakes' 101+ Creative Ways To Use Your Scrapbook Supplies (phew,  that is a long title!). Go here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CK Special Issue Giveaway

Happy Wednesday! It stopped raining here in Philly! Yeah! I'm excited about that and about this special issue of Creating Keepsakes. I haven't gotten my copy yet. But I love love love Jennifer McGuire, therefore I know I'm going to like this. A lot.

And I have one copy just for you guys.  Leave me a comment, and I'll pick a random winner by next Wednesday. (Please check back to see if you are the winner. Blogger does not allow me to see your email address.)

You can take a peek inside here.

Good luck!

ps: Oh, for a look at my Mosh Posh layouts, check out MP's blog.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend in Photos

I usually can't remember to bring a camera with me everywhere (I know, huh, so much for being a scrapbooker...) So I decided to shoot this weekend in photos with my iPhone, using ShakeItPhoto. Love that app.

What did we do. Not much. We spent part of Saturday at one of our local farmers' market. Actually we chose that one on purpose. Because, you see, Renaissance Sausage Truck was going to be there. Pretty great chow. Then we walked around, looked at all the great Fall-ish goods, and bought some pies. There was also trip to the library, resulting in me trying to read outside, but damn, it was (is) wet. And crazy leafy, not because it's Fall (too early for leaf peeping around here), but because it's been crazy windy and stormy. There was also Mexican food, Trader Joe's, some scrapbooking, organizing my stamp stash, and lots of napping.

Not the most productive weekend, but pretty good overall. And that is what counts, right?

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