Monday, March 16, 2015

Technique Tuesday: Puppy Love

Hey, y'all! My brother and his wife have this new puppy: a fluffy white 2.5 lbs Maltese named Luigi (first dog is Yoshi, I really thought this one should be Mario. My brother thought it should be Bowser, but it technically belongs to the SIL and she was not taking suggestions. Harumpf!) When I was visiting them around the holidays, I could not get enough of Lui. Like all babies, he wanted lots of attention, to play, and to nap. Oh, and to poop and pee. Did I mention that he wasn't house trained yet, and that we had him at my mom and dad's house? And that my mom is a clean freak? And that there were many accidents? He's not my mom's favorite right now.

But back to cuteness overload.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this photo.

That's him. That's my Luigi. (Well, technically not mine. Bummer.) The 'gram ended up on this layout using Technique Tuesday's stamps and dies (All You Need Is Love, Williamsburg Alpha, Pockets of Love dies)

The "loves" on top and the arrow were from the die set, watercolored with these awesome crayons. The heart was stamped and cut out by hand. I all kinds of love the combo of light turquoise-y blue with pink. And I love that little fur face.

How about one last cute photo? Here he is being "forced" into a snowman suit. Poor creature. My husband wanted to get him a warm jacket, but they didn't have anything small enough for Lui. The one thing that would fit him was a snowman suit, which Lui hated. I mean, HATED! Can you tell?

Every time, he wore it, he'd try to shake it off so hard, he'd do a flip. Poor pup. By the way, Luigi is almost 3lbs now! Monster-size dog! Ha!


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