Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm At CHA + Lily Bee

This is my second CHA, but I had forgotten how tiring it is to be on my feet all day. I wore really comfy shoes, and my feet are still killing me! What's up with that? Plus my legs are sore. I feel like I should have started an exercise program a few months ago. Built up those leg muscles, gotten my stamina up. Oh well. Next time.

Did I take photos? Three. Yeah, only three. What kind of scrapbooker am I! I know. Sorry. Everyone else had cameras, so I'm hoping they'll email me some.

Just for fun, here are the three I took. Actually, the three that someone else took with my iPhone. (Brace yourself for me, non-Photoshopped.)

At the Lily Bee booth with the Big Picture Classes gals. From the left, Stacy Julian (BPC), moi, Kaycee Rehn (BPC), Wendy Smedley (BPC), and Kristen Young (owner/designer of Lily Bee.)
Lily Bee booth, with Stacy Cohen (in pink), Piradee Talvanna (talking to someone with a fab red bag, alas not me), and Kim Watson hiding in the back.
At Basic Grey. I walked by that booth so many times. Poor Kelly. From the left: Laura Vegas, Kim Watson, me, and Kelly Goree. Their new stuff is fab, as usual.
The Lily Bee booth was so cute. I'll have to take photos tomorrow. Also tomorrow, I'm going to actually walk the floor in an organized manner. Today, I walked past the same six booths about ten times. I would be going one way, and I'd run into someone I knew or who I wanted to meet. They would then take me along elsewhere, and I would get sidetracked. That happened again and again. Tomorrow, better planning on my part.

Speaking of Lily Bee, the full product reveal started today. Go by and leave a comment for a chance to win some new stuff. On the last day of CHA (February 2), Lily Bee is going to give away its entire Winter 2011 release. Yup. The whole thing. We'll be picking two winners. One from the blog, and one from Facebook. Click here to follow Lily Bee.

I'm going to bed! But not before I share my CHA layout using Lily Bee's Happily Lost.


melanie January 30, 2011 at 12:10 AM  

Ahhh, this post makes me sad/jealous for several reasons:

1. I'm not there with you to enjoy... we had such GREAT fun together the 1st time and I have such amazing memories... miss you!

2. You're in warm, balmy & sunny LA, and I'm in cold, wintery Montreal. 'nuff said. ;p

3. Hanging out with you. I miss you a ton and would love to schmooze, ooh and ahh over product, and eat some great Mexican again. ( Ok, this is pretty much the same rant as #1) And also? Shop at Target, but that's a given. ;p

Now go and buy yourself a decent pair of shoes with arch support! Although, you know I love those cute yellow flats.. style hurts.:D
And keep on posting your great CHA reports,I'm loving them! xoxoxox

Anonymous January 30, 2011 at 7:39 AM  

LOVE the three photos you took ;)'s so you though, but at least you did. glad you are having fun & it's so cool seeing the booth. i could actually see my dress form & a snippet of my layout :) enjoy your day 2 :)

JennO January 30, 2011 at 8:46 AM  

Hey! At least you took three photos. :) Looks like fun, hope you can go soak your feet tonight.

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