Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Technique Tuesday: Back To School

Happy Tuesday! It's almost October, so the whole of the North Hemisphere is probably back in school now. My kids went back since August 11. Totally insane.

Since my three boys started going to three different schools, back to school photos were a bit different this year. Last year, I forgot to take them altogether. It was my first time not taking those first day photos since my oldest started preschool 14 years ago. It still bums me out, but what can do... This year, I remembered right as they got home. Phew. So there are no backpack photos, and Middlest is not even wearing shoes. But I'm okay with that. These photos are a measure of the passage of time for me. Maybe when they are all in college, I'll make a book from all the photos (except 2014, sigh.) It will be so awesome to see them going from little to giant (the oldest two are way taller than me), from babies to men.

For this layout, I used school paper and Learning Curve font, which is an awesome cursive font. If I could only write like that... I also used Technique Tuesday's Random Thoughts stamps (you can cut these out using Little Labels dies, but I used my little hands and little scissors because I was too lazy to bring out my diecut machine. That's lazy!)

Those stamps are also perfect for planners. I used to use planners (like back in the dinosaur age) and I really want to get back into using them, but I can't quit the phone reminders. Sniff. Planners are so pretty!

Hope you are having a good week and way better weather than me! It's still in the mid-90s here. Blergh.


Unknown October 5, 2015 at 3:05 AM  

i LOVE this page.. so simple and yet, lots of impact with the colorful stamped banners.

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